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Our Company History

Pacific Atlantic Freight (P.A.F) was established in 1984, in Los Angeles California, as a licensed freight forwarder, freight broker and freight logistics provider offering domestic freight shipping services.

Our mission consisted of three principles: 1) To be the first freight shipping company to provide you with your best shipping options, from industry leading carriers, at the lowest prices. 2) To provide everyone the cost and time saving features that were previously only accessible to high volume brokers . 3) To offer you outstanding service and be the best freight company you'd ever experienced.

Whether you were a one time shipper or a frequent commercial shipper, we wanted to save you time & money on, nothing less than, the very best shipping options there were to offer. Eliminate the hassle. Simplify the process.

With these guiding principles, we established partnerships with the leading freight shipping carriers and negotiated discount rates based on our shipping volume.

We in turn pass these discounts on to you, instead of charging the regular carrier prices or service fee's. We simply provided flat rate discounts with no strings attached, which means no hidden fees or charges, just the savings of our discounts.

Over the years, as we grew and achieved more volume, our discounts increased and today we are happy to provide you with big discount prices from industry leading freight carriers.  We constantly do the comparison shopping for you, in order to live up to our principles.

To this day, our mission remains the sole purpose of our existence and permeates every part of our business. We are committed to offering you the best shipping options at the lowest prices, while providing outstanding service to save you time, hassle and money on all your shipping. is Born

The Internet has evolved to become much more than a network of computers. Today, It's the ultimate platform for doing business quickly and efficiently with ecommerce driving our economy.

With the web being a highly programmable environment, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to further enhance our mission and provide you with an easier, more convenient way of shipping.

With this vision, we created to give you 24/7 access to us, our services, and our 21 years of shipping knowledge and advice.

Through advanced programming, web applications and help from our partner carriers, we created Click2Ship, our Free, user friendly, instant online freight shipping system.

Click2Ship can simplify every aspect of shipping by providing you with instant online freight shipping quotes, available 24/7, from top freight shipping carriers, in less than 30 seconds.

With just one click of your mouse, you can compare prices and transit times, then select a carrier and schedule your shipment online or by phone in less than 3 minutes.

It was designed to bring our services to you online, in an easy to use platform available at your convenience.  You simply type in your shipment details and you'll get your bill of lading to print right from your browser. You don't have to do anything else, we'll take care of it all.

No more comparison shopping, time consuming phone calling, or paperwork.  Get unlimited quoting, and shipment scheduling with no services fees or charges. You can get quotes and ship anytime you like, right from your computer. Try us right now.

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Freight Broker Operating Authority #: MC 852557  - US DOT #: 2485703
Freight Forwarder Operating Authority #: FF12662 (was FF2996 from 1999-2013 then replaced by FF12662 due to name change). Insurance Broker License # 0K22735
Cargo Shipper's Insurance License:

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