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Freight Shipping Carriers

Our Partner Freight Carriers


Safe Shipping is extremely carrier dependent. You need a reliable transportation carrier you can trust to safely deliver your shipment on time, defect free and without any hassle. That is why we have only partnered with carriers who have excelled in the following 5 areas: Safety, Security, Performance, Customer Service, and Low Claims Ratio. You can read about each one of our featured partner carriers below.


LTL Freight Carriers. Click on a carrier name below to jump to information on that carrier.


LTL Carriers R-Z

Roadrunner Freight Systems

Founded in 1984 in Milwaukee Wisconsin,   Roadrunner is a direct inter-regional LTL carrier
 providing short and long haul service to all states, including Hawaii and Alaska as well as parts of Canada. Roadrunner focuses on providing 2-3 day delivery service to destinations  over 500 miles. The 154 million freight company boasts a very low claim ratio of 1% by delivering shipments direct without stopping at break bulks (terminals where freight is sorted and reloaded) to reduce loading and handling and prevent damage.

Roadrunner's main operating terminals are located in Chicago   IL, Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, Nashville TN, Charlotte NC, Los Angeles CA, and Cleveland OH.  A main benefit of Roadrunner    is faster transit times on regular LTL service. Additional benefits include:


100% Full State Coverage for US and Canada

  Direct Loading for faster transit times and low claims.
  No Breakbulks
 Special Services including:
  ? Roadrunner Priority -  100% No hassle guarantee
 on all standard transit times including expedited services.
 ? Special Services -  Specialized equipment to handle all special freight deliveries.
Seamless Cross border service - All freight
     pre-cleared at the border for faster service
 Visit Roadrunner's site to learn more

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Southeastern Freight Lines

Southeastern Freight Lines was established in 1949 as a regional LTL carrier serving the
 Southeast and Southwest states. Today, Southeastern services all states as well as Canada and Puerto Rico through it's  National Partnership Network consisting of other leading LTL carriers. Southeastern's national partnership includes:




Southeastern FreightOK, TX, AR, LA, MS, AL,
  Dayton Freight Lines WI, IL, IN MI, KY, OH
  A. Duie Pyle MD, DE, NJ, PA, NY, VT
    NH, CT, RI, MA, ME
  Oak Harbor Freight Lines WA, OR, ID, NV, CA
  Midwest Motor Express MT, MD, WY, SD, MN
    CO, NH, KS, IA
  QuikX Transportation  Canada: AB, BC, SK, MB
    ON, QB, NB, NF, NS
  Lynden Transport Alaska
  West Texas Express NM
  Honolulu Freight Service Hawaii
 Southeastern handles all general commodity freight except for the following: automobiles, live animals, explosives, poisonous gas, radioactive materials, alcoholic liquors, shipments requiring protection from heat, carbon black, currency, and high value items such as jewelry and fine art.

Benefits of Southeastern Freight Lines include: their very low claims ratio of 0.82% and their 99.77% on time performance. Additional benefits include their 3 guaranteed service options:

 Guaranteed Day- Guaranteed delivery of your shipment    by 5:00PM on the normally scheduled service day.
 Guaranteed Hour- Guaranteed delivery of your         shipment by a specific time, any hour you choose.
 Excelerated Guaranteed Day Early-Expedited     services including same day delivery guaranteed                    or your money back.
 Southeastern has received over 260 awards for their quality services. Visit Southeastern's Site to learn more

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United States Freight Corporation

USF Corp. consists of a $2.4 billion group of companies specializing in LTL, FTL, Distribution
 and logistics. USF became a wholly owned part of the Yellow Roadway Corp. on February 28, 2005. The USF group of regional LTL carriers includes:

USF Reddaway- Founded over 80 years ago as a regional   and inter-regional LTL carrier. With more than 4000 vehicles    and 60 full service terminals, USF Reddaway services the following states: CA, NV, UT, CO, OR, ID, WY, WA, MY, AK      as well as BC, AB and SK in Canada.

 USF Holland -Providing regional LTL services for more than  70 years to the Midwest and Southeast States. Through 59 full service terminals, USF Holland services the following states:   ND, SD, NE, MN, IA, WI, MO, IL, MI, IN, KY, TN, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, OH, PA, NY as well as ON and QB in Canada.
 USF Bestway - For more than 50 years, through 39 full   service terminals, USF Bestway has been providing regional   and inter-regional LTL services to the following Southwest   states: CA, NV, AZ, NM and TX.
 USF Dugan - Began over 40 years ago as a regional and inter-regional LTL carrier serving the Midwest and Southeast States along with USF Holland. Service states include: CO, ND, SD, MN, NE, IA, KS, MO, OK, TX, AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, SC,    NC, and TN.
 USF Mexico- Partnered with Almex, a carrier in Mexico, USF Mexico provides 100% service coverage to Mexico.
 USF Canada- USF Holland and USF Dugan provide service between the US and Ontario and Quebec, Canada through their partnership with Speedy Transport, a LTL Carrier in Canada.
 The USF group of LTL carriers maintain a  99% claims free service and a  99.6% on-time performance on their standard LTL services. Additional benefits include their full range of guaranteed expedited services including:


USF PremierNext day and 2nd day regional service provided by one USF carrier
 USF PremierPlusHigh value one stop inter-regional and national service coverage through more than one USF carrier.
 USF GuaranteedGuaranteed complete and on-time delivery by 5:00 pm or you do not pay.   No claim required.
 USF Guaranteed Before NoonGuaranteed complete and on time by 12:00 pm or you do not pay. No claim required.
 USF ExpeditedGuaranteed rush expedited service whatever time frame you need, or you    do not pay. No claim required

USF also provides Full Truck Load service through its national and regional FTL carrier USF Glen Moore, which services the US and Mexico.

 Visit USF's site to learn more

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Watkins Motor Lines Inc.

Established in 1932, Watkins Motor lines is       one of the largest LTL carrier's providing
 nationwide long-haul service to 95% of the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Watkins has over 135 terminals with an average annual revenue of $1 billion and a low claims ratio of less than 1%.

Watkins is one of the very few carriers to offer Service on the weekend. Watkins "Saturday Service" will pick up and deliver your freight on Saturday at no additional charge. Additional benefits of Watkins include their specials services:

 Guaranteed Quality Service AM - Guaranteed delivery by 12:00 pm on the standard due date or you don't pay.
 Guaranteed Quality Service Day - Guaranteed delivery by 5:00 pm on the standard due date or you don't pay.
 Guaranteed Quality Service Exact - Guaranteed delivery within 1 hour (between 8:00 am and 5:00pm) or you don't pay.
 Refrigerated LTL Service -Watkins provides regional and inter-regional refrigerated transport through it's affiliate Sunco Carriers Inc.
Watkins Canada Express- Watkins subsidiary in Canada for LTL Transportation between Canadian Provinces

Watkins also provides Full truckload services through the US and Canada with multiple equipment options including: 28' , 48 and 53' trailers. If your shipment is too big for LTL but not quite big enough for full truckload, Watkins provides an in between solution with their "Spot" service for LTL shipments greater than 4500 Lbs.

Visit Watkins site to learn more

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Yellow Transportation

Established in 1924, Yellow Transportation is      the largest subsidiary of the $6.7 billion Yellow
 Roadway Corp. Yellow acquired LTL giant Roadway Express in July 2003 and the USF Corp. of regional carriers in Feb. 2005, making Yellow Roadway Corp the largest US based LTL carrier today and one of the largest transportation service providers in the world. Yellow provides regional, national and international transportation services including LTL and FTL throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, as well  as, air, ocean and overland service throughout the US, US Virgin Islands, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Yellow has become an industry leader with their high safety ratings, state of the art security measures, on time performance and 99.2% claims free ratio.

Yellow provides a variety of LTL, FTL and special services including:

 Standard Ground- LTL service throughout the US, Canada and Mexico including Next day and Regional 2 day standard transit times.
 Definite Delivery- 100% guarantee on standard LTL transit times or you won't be charged, no claim required.
 Exact Express- Expedited LTL or Air service including: same day, next day, by an exact time, including weekends. 100% guaranteed or you won't be charged, no claim required.
 Temperature Control- specialized temperature controlled shipping of freezable items as well as items or chemicals that need to be insulated and protected from extreme hot or cold temperatures.
 Chemical Service- specialized safeguarding of hazardous materials while in transit.
 Exhibit Service- Specialized transportation of trade show exhibits. Guaranteed and Expedited service available.
 Standard Ground Truckload- Full Truckload service throughout North America, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and across the border to Canada and Mexico. Full range of equipment, including 53-foot dry vans, flat beds, air ride, temperature control and single and double 28-foot vans. 
 Exact Expess Truckload- expedited FTL service guaranteed or you won't be charged, no claim required. 
 International Service- Yellow provides global logistic services, including air and ocean transport, through it's partner subsidiary company Merdian IQ.  

Yellow has won many service awards, including being ranked #1  in the industry by Fortune Magazine 2 years in a row, 2003 carrier of the year by Wal Mart, as well as many safe driving awards.

Vist Yellow's site to learn more.

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