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Freight Shipping Carriers

Our Partner Freight Carriers


Safe Shipping is extremely carrier dependent. You need a reliable transportation carrier you can trust to safely deliver your shipment on time, defect free and without any hassle. That is why we have only partnered with carriers who have excelled in the following 5 areas: Safety, Security, Performance, Customer Service, and Low Claims Ratio. You can read about each one of our featured partner carriers below.

You can view the safety rating and transportation details for any carrier by visiting the FMCSA, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Safety and Fitness Electronic Record System

LTL Freight Carriers. Click on a carrier name below to jump to information on that carrier.


LTL Carriers A-Q

Bullet Freight System Inc.

Founded in 1986 in Orange California, Bullet Freight Systems is a regional LTL Carrier that 
 Operates as both a common and contract carrier within 48  states, with a network of partner freight carriers throughout the country, working together to deliver freight. Bullet's main  operating terminals are located in Los Angeles CA, Portland OR, Seattle WA and Chicago Il, with corporate headquarters in Anaheim, California.

The Benefits of Bullet include their focus on direct loading and  less handling to ensure the safety of their shipments. They are currently a 92 million dollar freight company with a very low  claims ratio of less than 1% (99% of shipments are handled     with no claims).

Special services include: 1) Bullet Proof Guaranteed Service which comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Your   shipment is guaranteed to be delivered at the fastest possible transit time on a specific day or you will be refunded.                     2) Inbound Truckload Services for full truckload shipments through their dedicated fleet of sleeper teams.

Visit Bullet's site to learn more.

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Daylight Transport

 Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Long Beach, California, Daylight Transport has been
 named as one of the top 100 motor carriers in the nation. They are a regional LTL carrier servicing 37 states, parts of Canada  and Mexico. Daylight has one of the lowest claims ratio in the industry, averaging 0.60% (99.4% shipments are claims free). They maintain this low ratio by eliminating break bulks on most   of their lanes, which means fewer stops and less handling for a lower chance of damage.

Daylight's regular LTL service operates with two man sleeper teams across country, without unnecessary stopovers, enabling them to deliver freight much faster than most carriers regular service. Faster regular transit times is one of their specialties.

The Additional benefits of Daylight include:

 Regular On time Service- Guarantee within 5 days or it's free
 Expedited LTL Service- 2, 3 and 4 day guaranteed transit
 Urgent Care- Guaranteed on a specified date or it's free
 CA Overnight- Overnight service within California.
 Visit Daylight's site to learn more.

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          Federal Express Freight

 FedEx has been a major player in the shipping industry since 1913, dominating the small
 package market. Fedex expanded it's services to include LTL freight in 1998 when they acquired Viking Freight, a leading intrastate trucking carrier. In 2001, they acquired American Freightways, a large regional LTL carrier. Today FedEx freight  has become one of the leading US providers of next day and second day regional LTL freight services.

FedEx Freight services all 48 states including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Europe, Central and South America, Asia and the Caribbean. The main benefit of Fedex Freight is their standard "No fee money back guarantee" service, that is automatically included for all LTL freight moves throughout the US and guarantees on-time delivery or your  money back.

Fedex Freight has won several awards including the Safety & Loss Prevention Management Council's: "Excellence in Claims" award, American Trucking Associations: "National truck driving championship", Logistics Management & Distribution report: "multi-regional carrier of the year" award and several others.

Visit FedEx Freight's site to learn more

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Old Dominion Freight Line

Founded in 1934 in Richmond Virginia, Old Dominion Freight Line is a leading national LTL
 carrier providing direct service to 47 states, including 37 states with 100% full state coverage, as well as Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Old Dominion has 180 service centers, serving over 48,000 direct points in the US and all service points in Canada.

Old Dominion has also been certified as an independent Air Carrier (IAC) and provides expedited air shipping as well.   Benefits of Old Dominion include their 98% claims free service and 100% full state coverage in 37 of the 47 states it services

Old Dominion also provides a variety of special services including:

 OD Expedited- Choose from 3 expedited services:
 1. "Speed Service Guaranteed" - Regular transit times
           guaranteed to deliver on time or freight charges are free.
 2. "Speed Service On Demand" -Guaranteed time specific
           delivery or freight charges are free.
 3. "Speed Service Air"- Guaranteed next, 2 or 3 day Air
OD Global- Service to Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii,
  the Caribbean, Europe, the Far East, Central America and
 Oceana as well as worldwide LCL & FCL Ocean service.
 Visit Old Dominion's site to learn more

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Roadway Express

Roadway express has been in business since 1930 and is the 2nd Largest motor common
 carrier in the country. In 2003, Roadway Express joined forces with the largest motor carrier, Yellow Transportation, to form Yellow Roadway Corporation which is now one of the largest transportation service providers in the world.  Roadway provides nationwide long haul LTL services throughout the US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam. Roadway has 365 service terminals and delivers an average of 50,406 shipments per day.

Benefits of Roadway include their low claims ratio of1% (99% claims free service) as well as their many special features and services including:

Direct Service coverage to 96% of the US
  Direct Service coverage to 98% of Canada
  Direct Service coverage to 100% of all major
     Mexico metropolitan areas.
  More coverage in Canada and Mexico
      than any other carrier
  Shipments cross the border are a full day
      faster than any competitor in Mexico
  The only carrier to guarantee tradeshow exhibits free
  Time Advantage- expedited next day, 2 or 3 day
      service via air or ground with 99% reliability.
  Time Critical- guaranteed next day, 2 or 3 day service
       with 1 hour or multiple day delivery window. You
       choose day and time of delivery, any hour day or night.
  International Services- transportation from North
      America to more than 100 countries.
  Border Ambassadors- Specialized Door to door
     service for Canada and Mexico shipments with expedited
    border crossing and greater delivery date accuracy.
 Visit Roadway's site to learn more

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